Drill - Torso Adjust


Torso Adjust is designed to train catchers to make last second adjustments with their torso so that they can control the ball while blocking it.

The goal is for the catcher to learn to read the ball and react to make the appropriate torso adjustment. As much as catchers work to Beat the Ball to the Spot and square up the ball so that it always hits them in the middle of the chest, the truth is that is not reality. Learning to make torso adjustments will help catchers Control the Ball even when the ball does not hit them perfectly in the middle of their chest protector.


The catcher is on his/her knees in the proper blocking position. The only change is that instead of having his/her chin tucked, the catcher is looking at the coach/drill partner.

The coach/drill partner is 10-15 feet away with a bucket of baseballs or tennis balls.


The coach/drill partner bounces the ball in front of the catcher within the width of the catcher’s body. The catcher’s goal is to block, or “kill”, the ball and keep it as close as possible by making necessary torso adjustments.

Examples of torso adjustments include:

  • Roll a shoulder one way or the other
  • Raise the chest up because the ball is bouncing high
  • Lean forward slightly more than normal to try to “kill” the ball in front