Drill - T-Drill Footwork

t-drill footwork diagram.jpg


T-Drill Footwork is designed to help a catcher focus on their Two-Step Footwork. The use of a plate, cone, tape, or lines in the dirt provide immediate visual feedback to the catcher on how well they executed their footwork.

The diagram included with the drill video is provided for your reference. The green represents your target zone for the first step. As mentioned in the skills overview lesson, the first step should be right under the chin. Some catchers will naturally step slightly left of center, which is fine as long as the right foot does not pass where the left foot began.


The catcher is in the secondary stance with a marker of some sort of marker on the ground directly beneath the chin. The video shown here uses a plate turned backwards, but a cone, athletic tape, or lines drawn in the dirt will all work well.


This drill can and should be executed in three different ways, depending on the goal of the drill and the ability level of the catcher:

  1. No hands involved - no glove, ball, or anything other than focusing on the Two-Step Footwork.
  2. Dry Transfers - the catcher starts with the ball in the glove (e.g. no toss) and executes the Two-Step Footwork with their hands executing the exchange as well.
  3. Feed Transfers - the catchers executes the Two-Step Footwork and the exchange with the hands off of a feed from a coach/drill partner via throwing or a machine.

Don’t let the simplicity of this drill fool you or your catchers into thinking that it is not effective. It is ideal for learning and training for catchers at any level to focus and sharpen the core fundamentals of their footwork while throwing.