Daily Drill Series

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This is a 15 minute drill routine that is guaranteed to improve the catching skills of any catcher at any level. Every drill can be scaled up or down in difficulty to match your catcher’s needs, and it is specifically designed to help catchers both maintain and develop all of the essential skills that are required for a catcher.

Specifically there are three aspects of the series that make it the perfect resource for any catcher at any level:

1. Designed to be done daily(ish). We all know that to develop your skills and reach your potential, you need a lot of reps. You have work and hustle. This drill series is designed for catchers to be able to do it on a daily basis.  

2. Great for practice and/or warmup. You can tailor the rep scheme so that it can be a full-blown hour-long practice session, or it can serve as a perfect warmup routine on a game day. All you need to do is adjust the number of reps and sets per drill to fit the desired outcome.

3. Flexible to be tailored to your needs. This routine hits all the essential aspects of catching, therefore you are able to add or subtract reps to spend more or less time on whatever skill area you want to focus on that day.

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